Tired of searching furniture for your not so small Home?


Don´t get frustrated, your house is not that small, they are trying to make us loose living space. Thats why Lagoa was born.

.We worry about designing furniture that does not fullfill your space, every bad used inch counts, even in your house is big.

.We think that real luxe is to move in confort, thats why you can ask us for the measures that really work for you.


  • Living room

    .You can have a living room where you can dance if you want to

    With everything at your fingertips and plenty of free space.

    The living room is where you spend most time at home, and here you can find space saving decor solutions.

  • Comedor

    .Here you will find what you need for your dining room without losing space.

    And be able to invite many people to eat if you want..., or not, you decide.

    What we have clear is that decor has to serve you, and not the other way around.

  • Dormitorio

    .Special sizes night-stands, lighting, benches, headboards that dress your room without taking space...

    .To decorate your bedroom the first you need is a good matress and a good bed,

    we take care of everything else.

    .No space for the bedside table? we adapt it to your measures.

    .Room enough for a vanity table? Here you find the the smaller one on the market.

  • Oficina

    Having a home office is possible with the unique furniture for small houses from Lagoa.

    And for the not that small Why waste space with furniture? it seems a bit absurd to waste resources Dont you think?

    .Remember, the space you leave empty is the one you are going to use

    .Don´t be fooled, having your own space, taylor made, on your style, however small your home is we will find the solution.

    .You can finish our furniture  yourself and save money, or let us take care of everything.

  • Outdoor

    .All the garden items we make for you.

    Enjoy your balcony, terrace or garden, no matter how big it is.

    .From no watering plants to lounge chairs, everything is possible and customizable, so you have a uniqu, personal and non-transferable space.

  • Raw furniture

    .We want you to have a home that reflects your personality.

    So we make every product customizable.

    On the back of our hearts what we love is you decide to finish our furniture, but not all of you dare, thats why we can customize it for you.

    .Raw wood furniture

    .Use your creativity, it is therapeutical, increase your self-stemm and reduce anxiety.

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